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A Fresh Coat of Turd Polish

Always Entertaining, Often Dead Wrong

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This next week, I will be in Minnesota, visiting family and performing at called Marscon.

Marscon is a Sci-Fi (Or is it SF? I'm not current on the lingo) convention that includes a famous and long-running "dementia" track. It's also where the Logan Awards ceremony is being held this year. I'm going to be performing my nominated song, "The Peddler" at the Logans, and I'm also going to be performing a half-hour set on the main stage. This is my very first time doing a proper, full-length solo concert, and I have to say I'm both nervous and ecstatic and getting this opportunity.

I know a hell of a lot of people have been begging me to go to Marscon, and as much as I had wanted to go, I just never had the time or money for it. This year I've gotten a huge boost from family, friends, and fans who have donated time and money to help get me and other comedy musicians to the con. I can't thank them enough.

And now for some shameless pandering:
If you'd like to support the Marscon dementia track and help out independent comedy artists, There's a fundraiser CD you can buy, full of exclusive live recordings from last year's Marscon, and a ton of music from indie dementia artists.

Or you could, you know, just give all your money to me. I won't mind either way. ;)

So yeah. My half-hour show is on Friday, 9:45 Central Time, and will probably be streaming live at Dementia Radio. The Logan Awards will be on Saturday, beginning at 4 PM Central, and will also likely be live-streamed.